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Is anyone who is reading this BB currently enrolled in the Deaconess ADN web program?

I am considering enrolling in the web based program and I would like to hook up with those who are currently enrolled.

I know this portion of Deaconess nursing school has only been up and running since this past August but I was hoping to chat with anyone enrolled or anyone that may be enrolling.

The next class that I can get into would be the summer session. I will have to make my decision by April.

Thanks for any input,



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perhaps you could email them and ask if you could be put in contact with a current student?


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Do you have any information about their web based RN program? I'm trying to determine if they require a nursing background but I don't think they do. Do you know how they do the clinicals? I am working on my prereqs and I still have the biggies to do(A&P and Chem). I will call them for information on monday. Just thought I'd ask you.




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I will be starting in the summer as well. I'm really looking forward to it! I'm glad to know someone else now!


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