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Anyone Cath themselves?


Now, I know people stick themselves all the time to practice blood draws, and students often do IM saline injections on each other, but has anyone ever done a self cath? I don't even want to ask if people have practiced cathing each other, that would be just a whole different level of closeness as a nursing class.

So come on stories, I know someone has done this :p

Soon2BNurse3, ADN, RN

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LOL.........have YOU??? :eek:


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Ohhhhh hell no and we didn't practice any kind of injections on each other and hell no would I practice anything on myself.

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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I know of patients who routinely self-catheterize. They've got to have intact cognitive functioning and manual dexterity in order to complete routine self-catheterizations.

People with spinal cord injuries, older individuals with urinary retention issues, and others who live in the community must self-catheterize, often several times per day.

Music in My Heart

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I had an MS patient who straight-cath'd herself routinely.

But in terms of students putting in Foleys on themselves, that's hard to imagine.

We practiced IV starts on each other but that was the extent of it.


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haha! I had a laugh at this because, personally, I can barely dye my own hair... I can't even imagine that...