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anyone have a board complaint


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I have found that boards are very disorganized, have even lost cases.  That is crazy 2 separate orders to follow.   So many things wrong with how they do things .  I am glad this was worked out and you have your license , it took a long time and this in itself is very stressful.  So glad you took them to court . They should have to pay for your lawyer costs . This makes people not want to ever be in nursing. And now I see that those who are trying to get off additions are reverting back due to what is going on with covid.

No one should ever work at the board cause the are 'friends' with others there. One in AZ , gets the faxes of compliance, and shreds them laughing away , while telling the nurse "didn't get it send again" , and brags about doing this many times over and over.  shameful !

Any RN in florida, received an administrative complaint and have gone to a hearing??

Hi, I was curious about the investigator.   And yes,  I've heard that under no circumstances are you to talk to them.  My question is, say that you did speak with them, do they have the authority to dismiss the case?

Also, any attorneys you would recommend?


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I realize this is almost a year old, but I'll answer. I have not had a complaint....yet. I pray never to. A lot of good nurses have and it's not easy dealing with the BON. They are not our friends and are there for the patients not nurses.

It's why I always carry malpractice insurance in case I need to defend myself somehow.

Any Florida RNs get an administrative complaint?