Anyone applying to PHCC's Fall 2012 RN program?

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I applied to this program a couple of weeks ago and I'm anxious to find out the results! Just wondering if anyone else out there has applied and shares my anxieties ;)

Hey guys! I'm Katie.

I know some letters went out June 13th. I received mine June 16th.

If there are people out there still asking about TEAS scores and GPA, I had a 94% composite and a 3.5 on the dot.

Good luck to you all and I hope to see you in the fall!

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I responded to the other thread about fall 2012 PHCC RN's, so I drop one here as well to see if we can get something going. I was accepted for fall and am working on my packet that is due by Jul26. I'm really excited to get in and am looking forward to working with everyone in class.

I hope we can get the thread active the past semesters have been very active on this site. Maybe this semester is unfamiliar with Allnurses.



Hi ethergreen! I didn't know there was another thread I'll look for it. I received my packet as well and can't believe how many things there are. Which campus will you be attending?

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I'm in Dade City so I will be attending East campus. Been awhile since I have had some of those vaccines so I might be getting the needle before class even starts up.(yeah?)

The other thread can be found if you search PHCC RN 2012 roll call.

See y'all soon,


Has anyone gone to get their physicals done yet? I went on Tuesday to my family doctor and he was able to complete most of the form but he does not do hearing tests nor test for color blindness. Just wondering where you would even go for a hearing test? I haven't had one since elementary school!

Just graduated from this program and loved it. I went to Dade City first year and stayed on West after my 3rd Semester was done. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask as I may be able to help. Good luck and enjoy it!

Hi Isiah4031 congrats on graduating! Thanks for volunteering for questioning lol. I will be attending classes in Dade City, I guess I would like to know how did you like the whole program overall? I am also trying to decide if I want to work part time or full time during the program. Is it so demanding that working too many hours would not be a good idea? Any suggestions on where to find the books at a cheaper rate? Any information you can pass on will be appreciated :).


The teachers at Dade City are great! Over the course of the first two semesters, our group of 20 didn't have any drop out or be retained for academic reasons. I think the program will greatly prepare you, providing you take advantage of the opportunities, for whatever nursing roles you want to fulfill.

I would HIGHLY advise to get your CNA license over the Summer so you can market yourself during your clinicals to work at least PRN or Part-time during your time in school. Unless you have kids, already have to work, or have another "life" reason preventing you from seeking one out, a CNA/Nurse's Aid job will open MANY doors you and allow you to network and essentially "interview" for jobs for when you graduate. Some students who graduate with no prior experience have had difficulty finding hospital jobs. I'd be careful how much you work regardless since most need to read, review, or study materials to truly get what you need to out of the courses. I can say those that had to work more than others more often missed classes, quizzes, and opportunities than those who didn't have to as much.

As for the books, learn patience and wait for the books to come in, go to the bookstore, write down the ISBN #'s and find the PRIMARY TEXTBOOKS on Amazon. The publisher is BS and ALWAYS tries to sell a package with all types of books, study guides, discs, ect. Very few students made any use of the study guides or pocket notes. Honestly, some didn't even use the textbooks because they focused solely on the powerpoint lectures the two Dade City profs use. I used my textbook for supplemental help and to better understand everything. You'll have to find whatever works for you. But, don't waste a test grade to find out. Studying for nursing exams is far different than A&P or any other course.

Hope all this helps!

Thanks for all the tips! I am actually working on getting my CNA license now. It is getting kind of hectic trying to get everything done for school and focusing on studying for the CNA exam. But I am glad to hear that this will give me a great opportunity to network as I was hoping it would. I do need to find at least a part time job during school since I have to be able to help pay bills. If you don't mind me asking, what are you planning to do now that you are done? Thanks again for your feedback.

Now that I'm done, I plan on trying to find a job in the hospital setting. Since I did the CNA route as well, I've managed to network a little and got to know some Manager's in that setting. I'm going through all the application processes now, so wish me luck on that front!

Good luck with everything :-)

I just wanted to join my buddy in here and extend a huge congratulations to you all! I remember all of the excitement I felt only two years ago...the time really does fly!

I was on West campus for the duration of the program, and was also a single parent. So, if anyone wants to PM me questions, I'd be happy to respond! (since finding the app for this site, I've definitely found it more accommodating to get on and peruse the forums!)

Also, I have all of my textbooks still and am relocating to another state for my job :) if any of you are interested, please let me know!

Wishing you all the very best in your endeavors :) it is well worth it in the end!

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