Anyone applying to PHCC's Fall 2012 RN program?

U.S.A. Florida


I applied to this program a couple of weeks ago and I'm anxious to find out the results! Just wondering if anyone else out there has applied and shares my anxieties ;)

Lol that would be great then we are all in! It would be nice to know how many people actually applied. I got a letter from phcc but only to tell me I meet the requirements nothing more :-(

Yep. I did too. Supposedly they are to meet tomorrow and make decisions. Hopefully they will send packets out right away.

They are meeting tomorrow? Oh my goodness, now my stomach is really in knots!! Let the stalking of the mail truck begin lol!! Here's to hoping we all get acceptance letters! :)

So I was told that they were to meet today to make their decision, but, low and behold, I got an acceptance letter in the mail today!!! :w00t:

Time to start a roll call thread.:yeah:

Me too!! I am soooo freakin happy and excited! Congrats jazacmom (and to everyone who recieves an acceptance letter)!! We did it! Now the fun begins! :cheers:

Congrats megpritmojo!!. I can't believe how quiet this thread has been. Where is everyone?

Are you in Hernando, Pasco, or other?

I got a letter today that I was picked as an alternate, very disappointed! When do you have to respond to the acceptance letters by? Trying to get an idea of how long I have to wait to see if I get in or not.

We have to respond within 10 days or forfeit our place. Hope you get a spot.

I got accepted as well woohoo!!! congrats to all that got in. Can't wait to start.

Thank you, Me too!!

Well I turned in my "candidate response form" at the admissions office today! Can't wait to recieve the packet containing orientation information...I know there are several things we have to do before term starts, including BLS/CPR cerification, background check, and physical exam/vaccinations. I've already done the BLS/CPR class and I'm thinking that maybe the health department will be the least expensive for the exam and vacc. I'm pretty sure that we are using the SAR-40 form for can print it out on the PHCC website. @ jazacmom - I live in Pasco cty!! and you are right, this thread is definitely not as active as other threads from previous years! I can only conclude that either there really weren't that many applicants (although that's hard to believe) or very few of the applicants know about the allnurses website!! :)

Megpritmojo - I wonder how many people applied. Everyone I talked to in my classes plan on applying for the spring term. I will turn my paper in tomorrow when I go to class, as it is a hike for me (Hernando County). My brother in law said that he got all of his blood work and immunizations at a walk-in clinic for cheaper than he could at the health department (2 years ago). I too have already done the CPR course ($20 at Brooksville Regional), so at least I have that done :yeah:

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