Anyone applying to PHCC's Fall 2012 RN program?

U.S.A. Florida


I applied to this program a couple of weeks ago and I'm anxious to find out the results! Just wondering if anyone else out there has applied and shares my anxieties ;)

I too have applied. I'm very anxious to get the results!! Do you know how many people applied for this semester?

I have no idea, I hope it is not too many. If you don't mind me asking,did you do well on you TEAS? I got 83% as my composite score. I have no idea if that is good enough.

Hello! I'm also an applicant for Fall 2012! I'm anxious as well, but trying to do my best to distract myself from obsessing over the calendar. These next few weeks are going to drag! The admissions office told me that we should expect to hear something by the end of this month or early next month. I've been stalking this website looking for a thread for Fall 2012 to start! I've been reading the threads from previous years, very interesting and informative! I don't know how many applicants there are for the upcoming fall term but I'm willing to bet it's a lot (unfortunately) :(. Also, 83% sounds like a very respectable score for the TEAS. Hope I get to meet you both at orientation in a few months!

I also scored an 83 on my TEAS, and have a 3.76 GPA. I guess it will all just depend on the scores of others that apply. I sure hope its good enough though, I really do not want to take it again! Hopefully we will hear something before July!!

Hello megpritmojo! I too have been looking for threads to start but I decided to put one out there since I saw no one posted anything. Thanks for the info now I know what to expect as far as dates. I was hoping they let us know soon since apparently there are tons of things we would need to get done before the program starts.

Animalfriend12 our scores are the same! I took the teas twice and I sure dont want to take it again either, it's way too long.

I too am waiting to hear. The PHCC site says that the committee will meet mid-June and letters will go out end of the month. So hopefully it won't be much longer. I am taking AP II right now, so time is flying by for me, as it seems like there is always a test coming up that demands most of my attention :)

Jazacmom good luck on ap2! At least you have something to keep your mind occupied. Not too much time left now.

Jazacmom good luck on ap2! At least you have something to keep your mind occupied. Not too much time left now.

Thanks! Practicum #2 today :) I was hoping this thread would start to get some traction, as the decision time is getting closer.

I thought so too. I guess there are nit that many people as anxious as we are.

Or maybe there are only a few of us who applied :rotfl:

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