Anyone applying AACC?


I just wanted to connect with anyone else who was planning on attending AACC soon. I'm hoping to gain acceptance in the Fall '08. I thought it might be fun to share the journey with someone else!

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I took some of my pre-reqs there and its a good school. For the record if you aren't an AA county resident, become one, because they take an in-county C student before one with a 4.0 gpa who is out of county. Good luck!

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Hi!! I'm starting @ aacc nxt week! Im not applying to the program b/c like the person above me said, they only accept in county students && I live in PG County. So I'm just doing my pre-reqs there..idk where to apply to tho! But good luck!


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I'm starting the RN program at AACC next week. I'm excited and really nervous. I took all of my prerequisites here, most online so I could work full time and save every little penny...It's said to be a little tough to get it and you do have to bust your butt so hopefully it'll be worth it. I just finished up buying textbooks...

Good luck to you all :)


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That's awesome! I feel really fortunate to have such a great program in my back yard.

Have they required you to pu rchase a PDA? I heard they were talking about it. if so, what kind did they settle on?

Best wishes! I have Micro and A&P to finish this spring.


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I applied to AACC, Deltech and MGW/Ches College and I got into Ches College's. Mainly b/c I am a resident of Tal County. I had a 3.8 and was told since I was not a AA Co. resident that the res's got 1st priority, which is understandable! A girl who was in the 1st year with me at MGW failed out and applied to AACC (she is a res of AA county) and they told her that their was a wait till 2010 for clinicals! That is very hard to believe! I hear that AACC program is great though!

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