Anyone apply to University of Southern Indiana?


Did anyone apply to University of Southern Indiana for fall 2010? I am waiting to hear and wondered if anyone else is too?



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I did. Haven't hear anything except an email late Feb? to say that my application is complete and will be reviewed.


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I never got that email. Now I'm kinda worried..

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Great school. I graduated last year from the FNP track. They have 100% pass rate on boards and everyone in my class was hired well before graduation. They also prepare you very well for going on to get your DNP. The research year long course is hard, but well worth the time and energy.

Good luck.


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Hello...I was thinking about applying to this school for acute care NP...any word on how good the school is, how well prepared the practioner feels for the "real" world? passing rates? please any info would be helpful



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I have read really good things on this forum about the school. I was unable to get in because I needed to have my BSN by the application deadline, which was Feb. 1, and I don't graduate until this May. The tuition rate is excellent, which was why I really wanted to go there. I am going to University of Illinois-Chicago, which is local for me.

I would say do some research on it, and maybe contact the school with the questions you can't get answered.

Good Luck!