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Anyone Apply to LICHSON


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Specializes in CNA/Nursing Student.


Specializes in tele, ICU. Has 3 years experience.

I Got Innnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aww congrats!!!! welcome to lich :]

if u have any q's...feel free to ask =)


Specializes in CNA/Nursing Student.


Does someone have some news from LICHSON? Or someone is waiting for an interview?

i had cell phone difficulties for almost a month...when my phone got service I had like no joke, 6 voicemails from LICHSON. I emailed the lady (she left it on the v/m) letting her know Ive accepted a seat at the local CC, maybe she will get to someone this week.

I really dont understand why they didnt call my house phone, I used to check the caller ID everyday like a maniac waiting to hear from a school. 2 schools called my crappy cell phone.

I got in!

I am sooo happy! yaaaaaaaay.

I just want to say thank you to Bayley and all the nice people that I met here on allnursing who gave me good advice and nice words when I got the rejection letter form PBISON and I was down and out:cool:

today I came to celebrate! I was accepted to LICHSON!

thanks again everybody!:redbeathe

:ancong!: . when we meet ,we'll have to :cheers:.take care and c u soon.

:ancong!: . when we meet ,we'll have to :cheers:.take care and c u soon.

hey emille:D

I though you were on vacation!

thank you thank you thank you!

can't wait to meet you!

What is the minimum GPA required for LICHSON, does anyone know?

uhhh i tried to reply to your private message but i dont know whats going on..anyway..i dont think there is a specific gpa required for lich..i got in with a 2.9..u have to have atleast a C in the courses u want to transfer..my advice is to apply early and make sure your essay is really good..i dont think you need to take the NLN anymore but for whatever exam you do have to take you need basic knowledge of math english and the sciences..if you have any other questions you can email me at sexyflexxxy1@aol.com

Guys, I don't know why but I cannot reply to PMs..sorry..if you have any questions please email me or send me your email address..thx

I was wondering what you said on the 5th question "why you were interested in their school?"

I was wondering what you said on the 5th question "why you were interested in their school?"

LICHSON doesn't ask that question on the essay, maybe when you get interviewed they might, here are the questions they ask:

One Personal Essay (approximately 250 words) covering ALL of the three following:

* What factors influenced your decision to choose nursing as a career?

* What are your plans for your future in nursing?

* What accommodations have you made in your life to prepare for the nursing program?

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