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Anyone applied at Long beach Memorial last Wed.,Feb 25,09?


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My friend texted me last thurs morning and he told me that he found in the internet (yahoo jobs) that LBMMC is hiring some new grads.It was posted on Wed.Anyone applied in the new grad program offered by LBMMC? Did someone called or replied to you already? I already applied online but Im planning to go there and give my resume to them again.:D


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As far as I know LBMMC has a hiring freeze right now. I just graduated from CSULB in December and more than half of my graduating class signed a contract with them, I did not. When I called to see about getting a job there they said they couldn't hire me (even though I did every single one of my clinicals at that hospital) because they had to find spaces for at least 70 new grads by the end of january. Also, they recently shut down some of their med-surg floors to save money and are trying to get rid of all of their traveling/agency nurses too.

If they really are hiring, give it a shot but good luck getting into a specialty floor. More than 10 of my classmates were just hired on the PICU and they have no more openings and they only opened up 2 spots in the ICU because they didn't have any openings either.

Just curious - what was the start date for the listing you saw on the website?

gwafuh_rn, BSN, RN

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My friend saw the posting last feb 25 thats why I applied online asap.They replied via email.they told me that they received my application and they're just gonna call me for an interview

Hey Gwafuh_RN,

You're Filipino right? I just figured out because of your name. Anyways, I recently passed the NCLEX last month and having a hard time finding a job. I went to the Nurse week career fair at Pasadena last Feb. 26 and most of their hospitals are far from my place: Glendale Memorial, UCLA, USC and a lot of more. Some of them have new grad programs but they will start accepting applications on May and June. Well, GOOD LUCK to us on our JOB HUNTING!

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Hi! I am new to allnurses.com and I had a few questions to ask. So forgive me if this isn't the correct forum to ask. I am currently an ADN student at a school in southern CA, and I want to upgrade to BSN as earliest as possible, once am done with my ADN. Some time back I heard that Long Beach Memorial was hiring new grads, and they would pay for your education at CSU-LB if you are interested in advancing your career. Does anyone know if they still have such a program? And how hard is it to join? Are there any other programs like that around LA, or Long Beach area? Any reply will be highly appreciated. Thanks y'all.

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