Anyone accepted at TWU?

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I was wondering if anyone has been notified of acceptance to TWU and if so where they plan to life in the Fort Worth area? The area around TWU is a little intimidating and I am not familiar with the Fort Worth residential scene.


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I was accepted to TWU back in November. Not sure where I am going to live though. I will be heading down in April to try and find a place. The area around the school is pretty rough, but I hear there are some really nice areas around Fort Worth. The cost of living doesn't seem to be too bad either. Well, good luck to you.



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oh well--didn't realize there were two TWU's in the area


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I would recommend living in the on campus dorms. I know that does not sound good but when I was there I don't think I would have passed CRNA school without it. Good luck


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If you are looking for something relatively close to TWU, I don't think I would choose Ft Worth. TWU nursing campus is near downtown Dallas, which isn't all that close to Ft Worth (it's about 32 miles from campus to downtown Ft Worth) If you are looking for a relatively close, yet safer (and cheap) area to move, try Lewisville. It's about 17 miles from the Dallas campus, but it is a straight shot down I-35. (Although, I drive over 120 miles a day round trip to go to my college, so take my two cents for what it's worth!!)

Good Luck!!

TWU (Texas Wesleyan University) is only a few miles from downtown Fort Worth. I think you have mistaken TWU to mean Texas Women's University.


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I lived in arlington and my apartment was just off of 30. Good location and straight shot into school. Also, there is a lady named Marg Casebolt with apt finding service that the school recommended. Ask the anesthesia office about her. I gave her all my stipulations and she set me up with a place called camden ridge. I was happy with the area and found that the apt office staff were very helpful in helping me find my way around.


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Currently in TWU program. I live in downtown called Hillside apartment which is 2-3 mins away from school. I have a couple of friends who are in the dorm and they are ok with it. The Library has good hours. They really accomodate CRNA students. BTW, the new dorm is going to open this Fall you may want to contact them.

Congrats on the acceptance. And enjoy while you can and welcome to Reinke's world.

If you have questions you can PM anytime.

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