Anybody here waiting for their result for more than 30 days in CA

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My 30 days will be up next week. I called the CA BON and they keep telling me that they have 30 days to process my file and to call back after 30 days was up. I asked if I didn't get my result in the 30 days, will they disclose my result over the phone. I was told "NO" just call back after 30 days. I was told either I will receive something in the mail, or my name will appear online, and to keep checking online. "Receive something in the mail" does this mean I failed? If I did not hear anything in the 30th days, how can I get my result besides playing this waiting game? All my transcripts were in and nothing was missing from my file.


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I had a friend wait 7 weeks! Her transcripts were not there. She tried to call several times as well. Next time you call tell them that you want to know if your file is complete tell them your job is waiting or something. I called after two weeks and they told me my life scan was missing. CA BON is slow depending on who your evaluator is. I know how you feel. Hang in there though it's probably a paperwork thing. Otherwise you would probably know if you failed by now.


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Oh. They won't tell you pass/fail but they can tell you if your missing anything in your file. Once I found out I was missing someothing it took only 2 days once I got it all worked out


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thanks god! i passed! i passed! all this waiting and crying was done.

now i am an rn24navy

jackie rn

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