Any tips for alt format questions?


As we loom ever closer to our grad date, we are are getting practice tests with the new alternative format questions used by NCLEX.

Does anyone have any tips on the best way to answer "Select All That Apply" and "Ordered format" questions? It sounds like a no brainer but when you don't get taught on how to answer the question and NCLEX as well as our instructors do not give partial credit for an answer, any thoughts and/or tips on what to do & NOT do is appreciated.


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Good luck


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I looked at each 'SATA' question as True or False. I found that technique to be quite useful. I can honestly say that when I took the NCLEX (September 08), I found those questions to be easier than expected.

I looked at the 'Ordered Format' questions as a check-off list, kind of like the check off lists you used when learning skills in the beginning of nursing school. Then I visualized myself doing that particular skill.

I also used that handy marker-board. I found that writing out my answers helped a lot.

Good Luck!

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Thanks for the reply Stephanie. I get down to the two or three choices I know are right with the SATA and look at that lone or two last choices and start to think, "well it could be...or you could do that..." I need to figure out the way to totally throw out the doubting choice. :hdvwl:

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