Any thoughts for H1N1 vaccination?



Do you think H1N1 vaccination is safe enough?

I have got msg from my workplace that H1N1 vacciantion is available for employees.

I am working in the public hospital as a nurse. I know I need to protect myself, but I still feel scared to get it.

(I've heard there are people who died after getting the shot :cry: )

Any thought?


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Hi Sophia,

I haven't heard anything about deaths associated with the vaccine, though there are risks of side effects as with any other medication. The H1N1 vaccine's side effecgts are mostly limited to localised redness and swelling, and sometimes more systemic flu-like symptoms (though not the flu itself, as the vaccine does not contain active virus). As with all medications there's a risk of more serious effects, including anaphylaxis. There's also been some concern raised over Gullian Barre, as the 1976 flu vaccine increased the risk of GBS by 8.

If you have concerns about specific risks I suggest you speak with staff health at your hospital. If it helps at all, this vaccine is being very closely surveilled, with health care practitioners encouraged to report adverse reactions and side effects.

I've been on leave the last few months and haven't had to make a dicision about vaccination yet. I'm undecided - we're coming to the end of flu season in Australia, and mortality and morbidity rates have been lower than predicted. On the other hand, I work on an ID unit, have looked after several confirmed H1N1 patients, care for immunosuppressed patients, and have an immunosupressed parent. I'm back at owrk next week and will make up my mind then, but am pretty sure I'll have the vaccination - I'm not worried about having an adverse reaction and not at all worried about dying as a result of being vaccinated.

Hope that helps.

Grace Oz

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Personally I refuse to have anymore flu vaccinations.

My experience has been to end up quite ill afterwards, and I've witnessed others also become quite ill as a direct result of being vaccinated.

There's an interesting email I received the other day and I tried to post it, but the graphics failed to show, so I'm unable to post it. However, in it there's amazing statistics and facts regarding so called flu vaccinations, the companies who sell them, the investors who reap the benefits from the sales of it, and other claims which give one food for thought. I'm probably a bit of a sceptic, but I'm more inclined to believe what's written in that email, than the propaganda parlayed about regarding the threat to us all if we don't all get vaccinated.


In the end, it's a personal choice whether or not to be vaccinated.

PS: Hi Talaxandra! :)


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Had my shot 2 weeks ago at a staff clinic. The ID staff ran it- they gave us lots of information, I felt i was making an informed decision. No side effects for me at all.

I decided to have it to protect myself, and my family if I brought it home from work.


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Thanks for advices. I have got my shot last Thursday after long time of considering. :-)

After the shot, I had really bad headache at that night and it was all!

Next day, no more side effect and I feel okay.

However, sometimes I feel more confused if I get too much information.

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