Any test takers been out of school for 5+ and yet to pass NCLEX?

Nursing Students NCLEX


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What and how are u studying? I want to to take it at the end of August..Ive been out since 2003

I have Lacharity PDA

Hurst videos plus 5 day content

Nclex 3000

ATI review questions

Kaplan Strategy book

Study guide off

I graduated in 2002 and haven't worked in nursing since 2005. I took my NCLEX yesterday. I used Hurst review, LaCharity, and Saunders book + CD. I went through Hurst 3 times, LaCharity 2 times, Saunders book 1 time and did thousands of questions from Saunders and Hurst. Wrote my own meds flashcards and looked everything up (and wrote it down) what I got wrong on the practice questions. I was studying for 2-6 hours, every day, for about 3 months before I took the NCLEX. Didn't have much of a life (I took my notes and flashcards EVERYWHERE I went), but it's well worth it in the end :-)

Specializes in Rehab, Geriatrics & School Nurse.

thanks so much for ur in put I know I can do it..

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