Any suggestions on how to make it through the first weeks of nursing school?


:jester:Do you have any suggestions of what to do to do well the first couple of weeks of nursing school? It's a bit overwhelming. Also, what not to do. I am in a 2 year program for RN at Dade College.

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I did not go to Dade, but I went to Broward College-- and I would just read ahead before the lecture, and take my own notes on a big notebook. I would listen in class then I would go home and read my notes, then read ahead again.

I felt that reading ahead helps just because you are not clueless when the teacher is talking about a subject.

and practice questions too. you can find them in any comprehensive nclex-rn book. I used sanders that first semester.


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I am only on my first week, and the volume of reading is very high. How do I study competently, it seems like it can be a bit overwhelming. Because of lack of time, I am tempted to just scan the chapters, but I am concerned about that.


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I went to MDC and for fundamentals study from the powerpoints utilized in lecture and then review corresponding subject matter covered on the power points with the appropriate chapter in Potter and Perry. Definitely read the chapter but read it only prior to lecture and then as I stated, review powerpoints with the notes you incorporated from lecture as well as review questions from Saunders that deal with the subject matter being covered in class. Saunders is broken down by subject matter so it will be easy to match up questions from the topics you are currently covering in class. Hope this helps.


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Make friends! They will be there for you to help study and cry with after the tests! lol


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15 chapters the first week. I am terrified with that reading pace.


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15 chapters the first week. I am terrified with that reading pace.

1st semester is extremely intimidating. But, the reading doesn't slow down. I'm a 3rd semester student in a 2year program and our 1st test has over 20 chapters of reading. And this is supposed to be the easiest of the 4 semesters.

The advise you have gotten above is so true! Just keep your head in the book and pay attention in class. I am an online student, which I feel gives me more time to read, but I too match my reading to the handouts. And review books & practice questions are a necessity.

Good luck!!