Any PNP's out there?

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If so, do you work in the hospital or in the outpatient setting? Did you specialize? If so, in what and why?

If you work in the hospital do you rotate days and nights?

How satisfied are you with your job and carreer choice?

I was considering doing the NNP program for a while but am not so sure about rotating days/nights and being limited to working in the hospital.

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i am a PNP i work in a clinic, i love my job i have great hours 9-430 no weekends no holidays

What is the salary like for PNPs in a clinic vs. a hospital? For a new NP grad?

A good friend of mine from grad school (who doesn't participate here) is a PNP. She works in the same primary care community clinic she started out in fresh out of school -- she originally worked there as a way of paying off her federal scholarship for grad school (the clinic is in an officially underserved area, although it's a v. pleasant, desirable area to live), and enjoyed it so much that she stayed on after she completed her obligation to the government. She works four 10-hour days a week, no weekends or holidays. When we talked recently, she commented that she knew she could probably make more money doing something else somewhere else, but she makes enough money and enjoys her job and the clinic so much that it's worth it. She also talked about how some of the kids she used to see when she first started there are now grown and bringing their children in to see her, and how satisfying that is.

Specializes in MSN, FNP-BC.
i am a PNP i work in a clinic, i love my job i have great hours 9-430 no weekends no holidays

Can you tell me more about your job? How many patients do you see in a day? Do you have enough time to get things done that have to be done?

How much overtime do you put in with paperwork? I have a friend who is a PA in a specialty clinic who has to work a fair amount of extra time due to that.

How does your salary work? Do you get a percentage of what you bill or do you get straight salary?

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