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Any Oregon School nurses?

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I am considering switching to a school nurse job. Wondering if there are any school nurses from Oregon here who can tell me what the job is like? Maybe it is different from district to district?


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Not from Oregon, but from talking with others on here it is very different district to district.

Some school nurses have the support of other nurses, or aides, or an actual health services department, others are just the lone wolves in the school. Some have great policies in place, others are still working with their admins to get them on the same page. Some have real offices with room for supplies, others are in closets.

None of us are ever bored and we all have crazy parents to deal with though. ;)

None of us are ever bored and we all have crazy parents to deal with though. ;)



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I agree with WineRN! There will certainly be differences from district to district in any state. I did a lot of research on all the districts in my area but learned the most in my interviews with three. They were very very different--one was with a principal and her district RN, but the principal led the interview (she was friendly and seemed like a great leader but seemed more concerned with my being personable than medically knowledgeable); one was with the district RN, who drilled me on different medical emergencies and what I would do; another was with a district RN and someone else (can't remember) who seemed kind of frazzled and did not have many questions for me. Although I was most intimidated by the second, and even though it was the farthest commute for me, that is the district I chose because I could tell the person in charge genuinely cared about hiring a very competent nurse and so I figured she would be a good leader for me as a newbie school nurse.

I think reading the threads here will give you insight about school nursing regardless of your state. For me, the impression I got here was pretty accurate. It's a demanding job and you will learn a ton and be asked a ton and may have to dig deep into yourself to be the best school nurse you can be. I was surprised by the heavy sense of liability and responsibility I quickly gained in this role--and it is only now, a half year in, that I feel my feet are on the ground. For my first half-year I was a nervous wreck and only now have I realized three key things: (1) the safety of the kids is the only real priority, (2) even if you have a crowd of kids waiting for your care, it's still a classic case of prioritizing just like in the hospital and on NCLEX, (3) at the end of the day it's really not a bad place to be as a nurse. I think in most schools you are surrounded by other good people who want the best for the kids just like you do and you make a lot of little ones (or bigger ones) feel better with even small actions.

Certainly do your research and look into all districts in your area that are hiring! I hope you find a good place for yourself.

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