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Any options for extending fmla due to nursing a newborn with this covid-19 situation

by Nurse Yassi Nurse Yassi (New) New Educator Nurse

Is there any option for me to extend my leave since I'm already near the end of my 3 months fmla maternity leave especially due to the high risk that I will be exposing my newborn to covid 19 because Of my job as a floor nurse? Before this pandemic, I am not thinking of resigning after my maternity leave but my options and decisions has to change due to the possibilities of putting my newborn at risk due to covid especially now that I am nursing and breastfeeding my little one. Any ways/options I can keep my job, extend my fmla and not to resign to my job? Anyone has a similar dilemma?

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

Specializes in OR, education. Has 16 years experience.

FMLA is only required to give you those 12 weeks. Anything beyond would be at the grace of the facility. You'll need to reach out to your manager and HR to get the answer to your questions. They may allow you to take a leave of absence, they may require you to resign but allow you to be eligible for rehire, or they may flat out say no that if you don't return you'll no longer have a job and be marked as ineligible for rehire.

Thank you for your insights. I will talk to our HR and see my options so I will know my best approach in this situation. Thanks a lot, really appreciate it Nurse Rose. 😃