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  1. rehab nurse

    Anyone know some rules about FMLA?

    Hi everybody, I have been taking intermittent family medical leave (FMLA) since last October, 2005. I took almost my full 12 weeks for this period, but was going to renew it since I still am unable to work fulltime. My employer is actively searching for a reason to not approve any more FMLA. I am searching the web for info, but most of it doesn't apply to me. What I am looking for is this: - After my first year is up (this October) could I then apply for a new "year" period, since I didn't start taking leave at a new calendar year? or does an employee have to go by calendar year to take leave? - If I worked over the hour limit needed to qualify (I think it's 1250 hours during the previous year) am I eligible to take another 12 weeks of FMLA? Our facility does not have a policy about this in which to look, so I am basically trying to figure this out on my own. I guess my only other option is to file for social security disability if I cannot take FMLA from my job. If anyone knows anything about this and could tell me how your facility does it I would be grateful.