Any Nursing Students for Spring 2014 for Tric?? Cuyahoga Community College

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mimi524 I tried to respond to your pm but don't have enough posts to do answer your question, I have heard we will know for sure by July.


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The Twinsberg ASN evening program is not really part-time but you go to class two times a week most semesters and clinical on the weekend, I think. I think that the part-time bit is that you can take the non nursing classes in any order you want where are some BSN programs make you do them all in a certain sequence if you were starting as a freshman type deal. I have the information at home from the info session but I am quite sure that you still have to take the nursing courses in sequence just like the day time classes. I have also heard that the clinicals are mostly at Marymount.

Forgot to add that they only admit in the fall and the deadline was Feb 1.

how long did it take for you to get your acceptance letter after filling out the program application.

Accreditation hearing 8-12

I would like to start a discussion regarding Tri-C's accreditation. Anyone interested?

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Sure. What would you like to discuss?


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I am starting the program Spring 2014 Metro DAYS! I am BEYOND excited. I am just crossing my fingers and saying some prayers that they will get the whole accreditation thing taken care of. I will be screwed if not :( but anybody else starting the same time & location as me?

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Congrats Jessica on getting accepted!! I am applying next week in hopes of getting in for the spring. I plan on applying to either Metro or East Campus.


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Good luck! they are not filled up yet so you have a good chance. Let me know what semester you start!


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It sounds like a lot of things are changing with Tri-C for the better. I believe that they will get through their issue. I found on their website information regarding their accreditation and wanted to share with you. Tri-C Nursing Questions and Answers; Nursing Accreditation; Cleveland Ohio

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Thanks for posting that link ACMA. I just submitted the online review so they could look at my grades. I am really hoping I will get into the program and Tri-C gets its accreditation back.


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My name is Jessica too ... I'll also be starting metro, days, spring 2014. I'm so excited and nervous. I hope we all do well.

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