Any nurse hired in Texas with a felony on their record

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So im graduating in 2 months and i have heard so many poelpe that it will be impossible to get hired as a RN with a felony on my file. i have a felony for transporting a illgal alien and i will also have stipulations that i will need to be supervised for one year. so im just wanna know if theres anyone out there that got hired so i can have hope.

download the rules for RNs in the state of Texas. It will plainly state if an RN candidate will be licensed with a felony on their record.

Hey i am in a similar situtation. was this before you got into nursing school or after you got in? also what nursing school in texas was this? Also did your clinical site allow you to do clinicals?

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You will have a hard time getting hired in Texas with a felony on your record. Having stipulations will make it even harder. Not impossible. But certainly not easy.

Yes they allowed me to do clinicals they were cool with it. I take my nclex on the 11th of this month but still don't know if I'll get the job. I got one offer but they said to wait till after I pass to talk about it and see what's gonna happen. I'm a EMT so I can work as that until I get a job I just hope I do.

So did you get license update hope all is well

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