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Any news from RCC fall 2011?


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Anyone? please. I would appreciate some input:(

I'm going to guess that there are many, many schools that use the abbreviation, RCC. You may want to narrow it down, and maybe even post this in your state forum.


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Your right. Riverside community college in riverside, ca:)


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Oh yeah cause I thought u meant Redlands Community College :)

I haven't heard anything yet. I know the test scores from other sites were due yesterday, and they say decision letters will be out by July. I applied for a Fall semester before though, and I received my letter the first week in June. So hopefully we will find out before July! Good luck!


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Actually I recieved this email from Steven Purdy today:(

Notifications of acceptance/denial will be sent via email by late July/early August.

Best wishes,


This really sucks... for those of us whom are very anxious....

I just checked my email. =( That's really depressing. I have already waited so long, I don't know how much longer I can wait! lol

What could take them so long anyway?


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I feel the same way. That totally ruined my day. I have no idea what would take them so long. I do know that they have had high amounts of calls therefore they sent out that email to stop people from questioning when, why? I hope its sooner than mentioned. We could only hope and pray that everything will go in our favor:)

Yeah, hopefuuly the email was just to get people to leave them alone and buy themselves some time. lol I know there are programs out there that notify you around 2 weeks after applications are due!

Definitely hoping the best for us!


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I know there are programs that notify much sooner. This school must have high number of applicants:(

That doesn't make me feel any better. Although I am surprised by how few people are on here talking about the program... Maybe that's a good sign?

That doesn't make me feel any better. Although I am surprised by how few people are on here talking about the program... Maybe that's a good sign?

haha, we can only hope!

someone i know who got in to last fall's program found out may 17th! well may 17th just came and went and nothing yet... more waiting.

good luck!

Oh wow, I wish we could have found out on the 17th! I am still hopeful for the first week of June.


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I am also hopeful to hear something sooner than mentioned by email by ----. I guess all we can do is hope all turns out positive for all of us:)

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Definitely keeping my fingers crossed for all of us!

Hey guys! I too am going crazy waiting for news! aghhh has anyone heard anything? I keep calling and they say by the end of june.... maybe! I got into the Mt. Sac bridge program that starts in July, but I really want to go to Rcc, so much closer! keep in touch!

At least you spoke to someone! lol I tried calling, and was on hold forever. I emailed them, and never heard anything back. The end of June is much better than late July/early August! Congrats on getting into Mt. Sac! When do you have to let them know if you will be attending?


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Congrats on Mt. Sac(where is that?) I got into COD vn to rn program for fall 2011:) So if I here nothing from rcc that will be ok:)They are taking too long, don't you think?

I just got the e-mail I have been waiting for......I AM IN!!!!!


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Congrats to the mother of Kennedy! ;) can i ask what your GPA and teas score was?


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