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Hey everyone!

I'm finishing up nursing school in Decemver..... (Woo HOO!!!!!!!!) and I thought about nursing for the Navy. Anyone have any experience? What's it like? How's PT, deployment, pay? I'm going to go see a recruiter, but their job is of course to recruit so I'm expecting them to leave out some not so nice details. I want to know those not so nice details. Thanks for your help!!! :bowingpur

Jess :bugeyes:


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I would also like to know too : ) I've been thinking about going down the same path.


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Just any recruiter can't help you .. You must talk with a healthcare recruiter, which will be an officer, since that is what you will be commisioned as when you join. As a former military person with 8 years experience, I know what you are going through. This is a big step, but a good one for some people. Some of the not nice things are: you must give them 2 years of service for every 1 they pay for, wheather it be them paying off your loans or paying for your school through the strap program. It can be a long commitment. You can be deployed to a not so nice place( in harms way). Military life is different from civilian life. It is more structured in everything you do, they have a certain way of doing things, which may be different than you are used to.I would look at the Air Force and also the Army before I made a decision. They all offer pretty much the same stuff, except I think the Air Force members live better than the others. Here is a web address for both the Air Force and the Army.. I hope this helps and Good Luck to you!!

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I agree with traumamike.

Might I also suggest you head over to the Government and Military forum here on AN? Go to the specialty tab and click on "Nursing Specialties" TONS of information and very helpful forum members!



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WOW, those links were very informative and look very good! Thanks for posting those.

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