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I'm new to the forum and am also in the U.S. Army serving over in Germany as a medic. I am just starting my ASN and am very excited. I'm just curious to see if any military medics/corpsmen are here that have gone through the program themselves? Just a curiousity factor I guess. I'm really excited to have found this forum and I know it is going to help me tremendously. Thank you all for the wonderful info and insights. :kiss


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Probably not quite the response you were looking for, but thought that I would send you a message anyway...I was a company clerk for a medical unit that just shipped to Bosnia this past January. So I don't know how the medic training might help you in your ASN classes. My time was up last summer, and I chose not to re-up so that I could start my clinicals. I am starting ASN clinicals August 23rd. My plan is to go back in and get my commission in the reserves when I am done, because my hubby just went active-duty after being out for 11 years! I wanted to go active also, but won't now, ya know, with the kids and all. Kinda scary for both parents to be active. I won't be able to join him until May 2006 because of school, but we are both so excited to be starting (or for him, restarting) careers that we are really happy about doing, and our kids (at least the older two) are thrilled at the idea of being "army brats". Good luck in all your classes! I wish you well!!! :p

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I did. I was Air Force. Took the test at the base education office, got a permisive TDY to take the CPNE. Ended up costing me about $1000 out of my pocket.

The biggest frustration was having an ADN, Moonlighting as an ICU nurse and then the AF not letting me work to the level of my license.

But I was not only possible but a great way to get my RN with all the TDY's and stuff that went with flying.

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Thank you for the replies! I didn't realize that the military (well, the air force in your case) would let you go TDY for the CPNE. That would be wonderful. How long did they give you for that? Just the 3 days or longer? I know that this is a really good way to help me get my RN and I will be doing many Clinicals and shadowing at the local hospital and I'm sure it will be stressful for me to when they don't recognize my degree. I take it that you didn't stay in the Air Force long. I don't plan on making it a career and eventually want to become a nurse practitioner. We'll see where the future brings me though I guess.

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I'm still in the reserves. THe TDY was a permisive one so it's was up to my commander, but I did get a military flight. It's stil interesting how the AF did't recognize my RN. I"m the director of nursing for a acute care hospital and in one case my reserve boss, was a nursing student of mine. Now that I've got a MSN i'm not taking the commision becuase I don't want to commit to any more time.

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AF Vet here as well... was a medic over in Germany when the USAF hq. Hospital was still operating fullswing in Wiesbaden. Now it's all at Landstuhl, where back in MY day (heh heh) all the good stuff went on at USAF Hospital in Wiesbaden.

Anyhooo.......... yes. Many, many moons later I went through EC and have been thrilled to have finally accomplished my dream of becoming an RN.

Wish you all the best ! :balloons:

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