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Any LVN's in Home Care?

Specializes in Wound Care.

Have an interview for a HH agency. Pay is $25 per visit no millage no gas. I still feel this low BUT it's my chance to finally get out of psych and into wound care which is what I love.

My questions is...

How many visits do you guys typically do a day?

How many days do you work per week.

That is low, even for an LVN. You should also be getting mileage. Number of visits is totally dependent upon what you can knock out and how much business the agency has. My friend was "doing" up to 16 visits a day (between two or three agencies, out of five she was signed with); she said she averaged 13 or 14 visits a day. I don't believe all of this was above board. YMMV

anh06005, MSN, APRN, NP

Specializes in Cardiac, Home Health, Primary Care.

Being an LVN you will only do regular visits (no evals, post hospital visits, recerts, discharges, etc.). In a 10 hour day we can usually do 7 visits max. If they are all within a few miles of each other we might could do 1-2 more.

I'm not sure how someone could do 16 visits a day! Our visits are supposed to be around 30 minutes per day. We have paper charting, though, so I think that takes a little more time.


Specializes in Wound Care.

16 visits is INSANE!!! I was hoping to do about 10 and would need to do that many for the pay to even be worthwhile for me. The pay is lower then what I want BUT I have tried everything to get my foot in the door doing wound care and it seems impossible. Once people take a look at my resume and see I have only done Psych/Mental health they move on to the next...I feel like I'm stuck. I can't even get hired at a LTC or SNF. First question out of their mouth is do you have any LTC experience??


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