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Hello Everyone--

I have to re-take my test for the 2nd time coming in September. I have to wait 45 days. I was wondering if anyone had any luck with Kaplan NCLEX-PN Strategies for the practical nursing licensing exam? I just bought it today. The first time I took my exam I studied with Saunders-read the entire book and did all the questions with each chapter. Thought I was defiantly prepared for my exam and I ended up with 205 questions and failing. Ive been devastated ever since then. Im hoping this book will do me some good in passing the second try! Good Luck to all:)

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Hello, So...First I tried the Mosbys-PN comp review book. I didnt like the way it was reading so I went and bought the Kaplan PN Strategy book. I read the whole book and did the test questions. I think its a good book.

The first 5 ?s I got wrong! I was shocked and scared. I was like how am I going to pass the NCLEX, if I cant even get the practice questions right! So then I really read the questions and did the strategies and read the rationales to see why I was getting them wrong. It really made me understand what the NCLEX is testing you on and what kinds of questions were passing level (application and analysis). So I really focused on getting those types of questions right on the prac tests. And I always read the rationales even if I got them right to make sure I was on the right track with my critical thinking.

My classmates were using the Saunders 4th Edit PN Comp review w Content/CD. I really liked the way this book read, so I bought that aslo and did about 600?s on the CD. I mostly did questions everyday and then I read the areas (content) that I felt I didnt know very well like... Endocrine, ortho, respiratory, positioning, and lab values.

Im glad I did read those areas b/c I got alot of ?s from NCLEX on Ortho and Endocrine.

So overall I used 3 books... I studied a couple hours a day.

Mosbys PN Comp review-Didnt help though

Kaplan Strategy-good book

Saunders PN 4th ed Comp Review-good book

Graduated 05/15/09, took boards on 06/24/09,

stopped at 85?s in about 2 hrs, with about 10 or so SATA, (I got the first SATA on like ? #5. So then I thought I must be doing good then the test got really hard)

1 drag and drop, alot of prioritizations, alot of pt teaching on random topics, alot of infection control and precautions, 2 Intake & Output calcs, and a few meds that werent too bad.

I felt horrible after the test, I dont think anything could prepare me, but I did my best studying, my test was all over the place.

I really thought I failed, but I PASSED! I checked the BON the next day, then I did PV trick-it works, and I even paid the 8$ because I didnt believe it!

sorry so long and hope that helps.


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Well I just read the first ch of Kaplan last Friday so I will start my real studying this wk! I think Im going to read and refresh myself on the ch in saunders and also do the saunders CD. Congrats on passing! That must be a wonderful feeling! Cant wait to feel that way!

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