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Any LPNs Buffalo,ny area LPN>RN? Also excelsior


I graduated in Oct 2013 from LPN school been licensed since Dec 2013. I havent worked as a LPN though yet.Im trying to find out if I decide its what I want to do, the best way to go for RN. Looking for others experiences (local and non local). Also anyone doing Excelsior? I briefly started looking it up...still dont know much about it and it kind of makes me nervous doing it online.

Also Im just hearing what sounds like in the near future you need your BSN. So im more confused


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Since you DID say "non-local", I'll give my two cents worth. If you went to LPN school, graduated, took and passed the NCLEX and are still unsure as to whether or not it's something you want to do, I would REALLY do some soul-searching before sinking any more money into this field! You're going to have far greater responsibilities as an RN and in order to advance in the field, you're going to need to get your feet wet and your hands dirty LITERALLY. There's no way around that. RNs do the same work as LPNs....and then some! If you are offered any type of supervisory position without having had ANY paid experience as an LPN or RN, you are allowing yourself to be set up for the ultimate failure in nursing, should you accept the position.....and I'm talking about the kind of failure that could potentially cost one his/her license and/or livelihood. Take time to REALLY figure out what you want. I say this because I have seen such failures over the years from nurses who took this career lightly. I was an LPN for 24 years, am an RN of 4 years thus far, and yes, with the BSN trending, I will have that degree in 5 weeks.

I would suggest, in addition to the soul-search, that you try to secure an LPN position somewhere to get first-hand information as to what it's like to have a nurse's responsibilities. Even a nursing home can give you that glimpse. Sometimes people tend to forget that nursing home patients do show up in hospitals and if they were out of control in the LTC environment, imagine having them in the hospitals tugging and pulling at every kind of tube or wire they can get their hands on.

Just food for thought....

By by the way, I did Excelsior's LPN-RN program, and now, their RN-BSN program. So aside from living in Brooklyn, NY, I can say that i know a little bit about the answers that you are seeking;)...

Good luck!

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Some people love Excelsior. Some people hate it. Some people love it and find out they cannot become an RN in California if that was their initial RN training (unless they already completed the program before 200x, forgot the number. I think 2006 or 2009).