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Any ipn nurses out there in the ft walton area?


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hey y'all

I am going to be moving to the FWB area soon and would like to hear of any good IPN support groups. I've heard a couple of horror stories of really mean IPN facilitators and don't really want to be a part of someone who is a bully with power. if you have any info I would really appreciate it. I believe there are IPN groups in ft Walton beach and crestview!

thanks for any info

She is back back back, back again. So good to have you back- your insight has been missed.


Specializes in lots!!!. Has 24 years experience.

yay!! missed you too! I've been working my butt off doing 12 hr shifts and just so tired. LTC is exhausting!! where I work it's not just your average granny and grandpa. these people I have have a lot of psych issues with behaviors..... I usually have between 25 and 30 patients and they all want attention. I can't wait to get away from this place. my poor body is breaking down. but it's a job and i'm thankful for it. how are you? hope all is well with you and everyone on here!!!

Things are good! I get to start IOP at six months sobriety- it is going to be one amazing adventure I'm sure!