Any Info on Brattleboro Retreat?

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Does anyone out there work at the Retreat? Any info on job availability, working conditions, and salary?

Thanks in advance.

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I just got an RN job there on the new unit for chronic, long term patients. The Retreat has a web site. I would encourage you to check it out. They are currently hiring, for RN's and mental heath workers. Mostly for the new unit.

Orientation is 3 weeks long. In the classroom and on the unit. The next one will be in Dec.

Check out the website, it will give a lot of information about the Retreat.

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FWiW: They have a lot of RN Staff openings listed on the website.

Thank you for the info. I was also wondering if anyone who works there can tell me how they like it. How do you like living in Brat and what is the atmosphere at the Retreat. Thanks again.

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The rent is expensive, some of the neighborhoods real bad.

There are a lot of hippy type people here. The farmers market is a big thing here. It's an artsy type town, There is a lot of recreation. It's close to ski areas,.

Like I said i just started, but so far I have found everyone to be very welcoming, and nice and what not. The doctors, social workers, mhw, security all the way down to the dietary, we are all part of a great team to take care of the people.

The website has a lot of information about the programs.

Oh so far, everything seems real organized, in terms of paper work. They are still on paper charting. They are growing, due to our state losing our state hospital the patients have been scattered around the state in the prisions, hospitals, and other housing. The new unit opening in Jan, (but they are hiring now) is going to be for 15 of those long term type people.

I guess that's about all I can say, check out the website about Brattleboro too.

Brattleboro Retreat always has openings because it is a VERY challenging place to work! Assaults on staff are at unprecedented levels, due to the extreme patient acuity levels. Making matters worse, assaults on staff are tolerated in ways that most staff can't accept. Thus, the very high rate of staff turnover. The new "forensic unit," where many assaults on staff occur, has brought unforeseen problems to other units. There are few "easy" or low-risk jobs at Brattleboro Retreat.

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