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Any hospitals in Houston that give experience for years as a medic?


Does anybody know anything about hospitals in the Houston, Kingwood, or Woodlands (TX) areas, or surrounding areas, that give years of experience to newly hired RN applicants that have multiple years of experience as paramedics? For example, I've been told that while I'm a relatively new nurse, there are hospitals looking for RN's with experience, so they award years of experience for work as a paramedic. So, if I've been a nurse for 1 year, but a paramedic for 16 years, I've been told that some hospitals will take the years of experience I've accumulated as a paramedic, cut it in half, and consider it "nursing experience." So, I should be hiring in as an RN with 9 years of experience, with commensurate pay, instead of hiring in as a 1 year experienced RN, even though I've been working in emergency medicine for 16 years total.


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I have a friend who I graduated with that works at UT Southwestern or Baylor who got credit for doing so.

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I only know of the more common practice of giving 'partial credit' for LVN experience.... 1 year LVN - 6 mos of "experience" for RN jobs. I would imagine that you should be given some of the same type of consideration. Even though our NPA classifies first-responders as UAPs when it comes to nursing practice, your experience is 100% relevant to ED.

Wish I could provide more specific information. Good luck to you.