Any graduates?


Hi everyone. I am looking for advice for LPN to RN programs. I have heard a lot of things about college network and excelsior and I was wondering if there is anyone that got their RN from these programs. My biggest fear is to pay, finish, and have no one hire me because there doesn't seem to be a lot of clinical. I have heard it was a rip-off but I have not hear from anyone who actually finished the program. Advice who be great. Thanks

There are tens of thousands of Excelsior grads working as RN's.

When you graduate from Excelsior College, you are just as much a RN as anyone else the graduated from an accredited college. Where have you heard it was a "rip-off"?

Now College Network is often referred to as a ripoff. It is not a college and is not affiliated in any way to Excelsior College. It is a publishing company that sells study material under a contract. Excelsior College tells people to stay from them and other publishing companies. Many people have been "ripped off" by them. They do sell a service that does help many to pass, but the cost is high and most of it you can get on your own for much much less. Since it is a private entity and you entered a contract with them, you are obligated to pay, even if you don't use their stuff.