Any graduates of Kaplan's NP program?


Hi, I am curious to know if anyone out there has graduated from any of Kaplan's Nurse Practitioner programs? They just received their CCNE accreditation for the Post-Master's Certificate for Adult Gerontology Primary Care NP and I plan to start in August. I originally chose Kaplan because they accepted my Adv Path and Adv Pharm I took at a another university years ago. Then I was drawn in by the appeal of completing it in just over a year.

Any input offered would be appreciated.



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I start their FNP proram in July.


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@melissamcdonough did you start?


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I am in the program. I started in March.

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I am starting in a couple of weeks. I changed my start date due to jet lag after my trip. :-)

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How do you like it, @Vegan_RN, BSN? I take Advanced Health Assessment in a couple of weeks then will start the actual NP classes after that.

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I wasn't aware that the CCNE had started accrediting post-masters certificates. It used to be just degrees.

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Yes, they accredit post-master's certificates. Look on the CCNE site--there is a list, you can select by degree or certificate and it will show you the colleges with CCNE accreditation.