Any experience with these units within a children's hospital? Let me know!!!

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Okay, considering a move to a different hospital- children's hospital. Unfortunately, no NICU openings, but there are openings in the following units:







This is how they are listed on the job listing. Med/Surg I can guess on, but what about the others? What types of patients, what are your experiences, tell me all about them. Please?? I'm at my wit's end, ready to set fire to my nursing license, and in desperate need of a change. Anyone?

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Well ... the first place to start is with the hospital's information sources about those units. Have you asked them for information about those units? Have you checked out their website? I don't know of any hospital that doesn't have descriptions of their units one place or another. If the hospital has no information to share in any form, that's a terrible sign of a poorly run hospital.

Second, get yourself in there and start talking to the Recruiters. Arrange for interviews, take a tour, etc. Every hospital is different -- and all you can get from "outside opinion" on a website like this is general opinions from people who don't know the specifics about that particular hospital.

Not that our opinions aren't worth asking .... just that you are going to have to do your homework on that particular hospital. Telling us what you find out about the specifics and then asking our reactions might be more useful to you than general thoughts that might or might not relate to your specific situation and that particular hospital.

Good luck! Let us know what you find out and what you decide.


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Yes, I've checked out the hospital's web site, and they give very brief descriptions (geared towards the parents, really, not at recruiting staff) of the units. However, since I've never worked in Peds, I was really looking for some information from those who have. I called the recruiter today, who was SO nice (aren't they all? *lol*) and I have to admit, even though I'd take a job in housekeeping there to get away fom my current facility, it was wonderful to, just for half an hour, be greeted with such warmth and enthusiasm. I have an appointment for next Monday morning to go down, take a tour, get info, and fill out an app. I've sent an email to a friend from nursing school who's been working there for a year and a half now but have yet to hear back from him. Personally, it helps me to hear outside experiences because it allows me to formulate my own questions about the units. I'm interviewing them, too! :>) Since my experience in Peds is very limited (clinicals in school and pulls twice in the last 16 months) I thought I'd seek advice from others who could help steer me in the right direction. For instance, when I came to work at my current unit, I knew little about the NICU or what would be important to me, and therefore had only general questions regarding staffing, patient load, etc. Having worked there, I now know that if I could re-do my interview and hiring experience I would have been much more inquisitive regarding other important issues, such as the hospital's philosophy regarding their NICU patients and families, teaching opportunities, developmental care efforts, etc.

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How about making a phone call to the respective nurse managers and interviewing them about common diagnoses, and any problems or concerns you have. What are the current issues each unit is dealing with, and what changes do they see in the future? You may be able to narrow your search based on what you find helpful in a boss, and who is receptive to your questions.

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I love conoehead's suggestion to ask about the current issues each unit is dealing with and what changes they see in the future. I'll have to remember that one to pass on to other people!

Thanks for not taking my previous post the wrong way. Re-reading it this morning, I can see that it seems a bit harsh and not as friendly as I would have liked. In your second post, Kristi2377, I can get a better sense of who you are and what you are looking for. Again, thanks for not being offended by my first post.

My clinical background is also NICU, but now I work on hospital-wide projects related to nursing students and recruitment for a children's hospital. Now that I read a little about your history, I find I can relate to it.

I would ask about they typical degree of parent involvement and the facilities/services for families. Do most parents sleep over in the room with the children? If that is the case (as it often is in my hospital), that would be a big change for you, coming from the NICU. Other services and programs, such as pet therapy, play therapy, etc. are also things to find out about.

Does the hospital provide the children with Child Life Therapists, Play Therapists, and school teachers to coordinate their studies, etc.? What is the coverage for PT/OT? How much Social Work support is available? Sick kids need a lot of "extra" services that adults don't usually need and, assuming your hospital will be providing those services in one way or another, you'll need to find out exactly where the RN fits into the picture.

Can you arrange to spend a little time on the units that seem appealing at first? Even a couple hours of "shadowing" can give you a lot of information about the day-to-day feel of the unit.

Just a couple of thoughts,


Kristi!!! You're leaving NICU??!!!!

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(ducking) Maybe...

I know, I can't believe it either, but I'm telling you: I'm at my wit's end. I HAVE to get out of this hospital. I am trying to get an NICU position, but they are VERY hard to come by right now. I have three top choices, hospital-wise, and my numero uno is only offering the previously mentioned units. My second choice *is* offering NICU, but I'm not altogether sure about the hospital, and my third choice is offering NICU PRN, not full time, which isn't going to work for me. I don't know what to do, but I know that I cannot continue to work where I am currently working. It is horrible, I'm miserable, and as you can tell by the tone of my last few threads, I'm ready to do just about anything to move. At least, though, we have a wonderful children's hospital here. I love working with children and I have heard only wonderful things about this facility. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. :>( Canoe and llg, thanks for the suggestions. I will definitely keep them in mind, and I'll let everyone know how this turns out. Dawn, stop looking at me that way. :D

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