Any ER nurse that has an idea for a research paper in the ER?


Hello looking for something interesting in the ER. I was looking for something i can use once out in the field. Maybe some dx that are hard to diagnose and are important to know. thanks guys

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how about pain management? How do you assess pain for non-verbal patients, drug addicts, demented patients, babies?? A friend of mine found a tool that is used for non-verbal patients and had nurses do a pretest to see what they knew about pain management for a specific population (alzhiemers pts). Then she taught them the tool and did a post test to see if their score improved. I thought it was a smart thing!


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Look up PANDAS. Very interesting dx and s&s. (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections)

Actually had a pt present with it, sent to tertiary children's hospital d/t the rarity in this area. Cool to be involved with the case.

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Necrotizing fascitis


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Thank you alll for replying. JBUDD... is NF seen often in the ER?

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Not very, but it is extremly emergent. UNM has one of the world's experts in it, he gave some lectures at some of the trauma conferences I've been to in NM. Don't remember his name, though, sorry.


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How about investigating the statistical data and outcomes of Trauma Alerts in your ED and the cost of their rehabilitation.

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Percentage of blood cultures that come out positive, broken down by type of infection and whether they come from the community or from a group living environment.

We've been seeing a lot more people walking in with MRSA skin wounds who then turn out to have pos. blood cultures.

No NF here though.


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Standard Rule is an ECG within 10 minutes of arrival for any chest pain or cardiac symptoms. Maybe researching the barriers to staff obtaining an ECG within 10 minutes. Can look into training issues, process issues, attitude issues, etc. I think this would be a great topic, and could actually a helpful research paper for an ER dpt looking to decrease recognition of STEMIs.


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WOW great ideas guys very helpul. I still haven't decided completely but great ideas!


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Would love to have someone invest in the research on the statistics of generations whom have perpetuated the Medicaid train. Why do they not break the train of the "OWE ME" LAZY WAY of thinking. In the ER I see able-bodied women who do not work, are not married and collect a check from the government. Where in the constitution does it say we the people are respsible for your healthcare? Found out how to instill pride in the younger generation and break the chain. HELp!

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