Any diabetes NPs out there?



I have an MSN and I'm currently managing gestational diabetic patients, but I'm thinking of going back to school for my NP. Problem is I mostly see only FNP programs in my state (California). I haven't seen any diabetes or endocrinology-based programs. Do they exist? Or could I just go for my FNP and find an endocrinologist to precept me?

Guidance please! :nuke: Thank you.


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I am a FNP. I work in an endocrinologist's office and specialize in diabetes but of course all things endo!!

I only personally know of certifications as a clinical diabetes specialist but I don't think they have Rx privileges. I found my job after graduating and working a year in another specialty.

Personally I find the family training very useful in my practice. I work in a practice where it is just the MD and myself. Good luck!


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I am a PNP and a certified diabetes educator. I work in a children's hospital outpatient clinic managing kids with type 1 diabetes. I find my primary care training background very helpful, as diabetes affects every aspect of my patients' lives. I did have about 10 years experience as a RN CDE before becoming an NP. I'm not aware of a NP program where one can specialize in diabetes. In my program, I was able to set up my own clinicals, and there were a couple of rotations where I chose to do clinicals in endocrine/DM. Also, my master's thesis involved a specific diabetes project. Maybe in your FNP program you can do some clinical hours in a diabetes program or with an endocrinology office. Your local american association of diabetes educators (AADE) may also provide some leads to other diabetes NPs where you could network for some clinical hours. At our institution, we currently have FIVE openings for diabetes NPs! We are very willing to train candidates in DM management. Diabetes is a ripe specialty for nurse practitioners, and it is difficult to find NPs with extensive DM experience. Good luck-and stick with it...patients with diabetes need specialty NPs!

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