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Any CTS (Career Training Solutions) students?


I would just like to hear from anyone who goes to Career Training Solutions in Fredericksburg, VA or has graduated from their RN or LPN program. I have posted a question about this school before and after doing my research I believe I am going to go to Germanna Comm. College to take my pre-req's and unless I get persuaded while I'm there to stay and apply for their nursing program, I will be taking CTS's RN program.

Anyway anyone going to or graduated from CTS just want to hear your opinion of the school, job opportunities after, etc.??

Hey there,

CTS is a good school. The class sizes are small and very fast! So keep your seat belt on. I am still in the program but it is growing like crazy. We were told a few weeks ago that admission is getting more difficult because of the demand.

You dont need as many pre-reqs here as you do at Germanna. And the RN program is only 15 months long. I would recommend CTS. I took a lot of classes at GCC that no other schools require, and if you want to continue to get your BS you are going to have to go back and retake other classes (For example Chem for nursing doesnt transfer to most schools!)

I am sure you will make the right choice. I would definately visit CTS and look what they have to offer before you discount it!

When did you start the program at CTS? The only thing that turns me off to CTS is the fact that they're not NLNAC-accredited. I don't want this to cause problems later if I decide to go back for my BSN or when it comes time for job-hunting. How many people are in your class? And what is the schedule like (i.e. Monday-Thursday 9-3, etc.)? What was the admission process when you started? And where did you take the pre-reqs?

Thanks for replying & your help!


am in the second RN class. We only have 7 and we are getting ready to merge with the LPN to RN group and should have a class size of around 15. I was worried about the NLNAC accreditation at one time but most colleges will accept you...at least from my research. I took the pre-reqs at Germanna and the admission process is easy. I recommend calling sooner than later to get the ball rolling but I definitely would not rule out CTS.

Hope this helps.

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I have not taken any pre-reqs yet though, should I just knock those out of the way before I apply to CTS or can you get accepted before you finish all your pre-reqs? Do you know what the 1st RN class's NCLEX pass rate was? Such a small class would be nice! Thank you for the names!

No, the first class is still in session. The LPN pass rate several years ago was 100%. I think you are going to have to complete your pre-reqs first, but I would chat with them to see what you need. You dont want to spend any money your dont have to!!

Good luck.

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Finally, someone commented on this School. I guess I need to send my transcripts in. I am relocating to Va in December. I will see you guys in January for the new RN class. Another question for those already in the new RN classes, how are they for you? Do you feel that you are getting a quality education, as well as you would get to any other school?

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