Any CNAs do Phlebotomy?


I got accepted into a Phlebotomy program this year and it's only going to cost me a few hundred dollars. It was kind of competitive through a community college. Real excited I got in. I am thinking it might help me get a Patient Tech job in the hospital.. kind of like a step up CNA.

Just wondering if anyone else has considered phlebotomy training?


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OMGoosh! lol, I was gonna ask this question too. Ive been contemplating doing a Phlebotomy course that starts a month after my CNA course starts.

I was wondering if it made any sense to do it? Am I gona be allowed to draw blood?

Curious to see what the answers will be.


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I think that if you're hired as a CNA is not with in your scope of practice to draw boold. On the other hand, if you're hired as a PCT most of the time you'll be allowed.


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I am a CNA currently taking EKG and Phlebotomy courses. If you do get a job it will not be as a CNA. You will either be hired as a Patient Care Tech or you could just be a Phlebotomist working in a clinic, doc office or laboratory. But if I'm correct, to be a PCT you have to know how to do EKG's as well, but you can learn that on the job, as some places allow you to do so.:p


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Yes in fact I started out doing CNA and drawing blood in the ED. I did not get to draw all the time but I din get to draw. It is an invasive procedure and is great way to build confidence and patient interaction skills. So...u made a good choice. Something to remember is that the LAB people are specialist in what they do, and drawing blood can take you into that realm of medicine if you wish, or you can use it a ancillary skill and take from it what you want.

If you live in California you will get certified in Phlebotomy, there are three levels, in California.

Good Luck. Just out of curiosity what state are you in.


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Mainly you use those in a hospital setting. Some hospitals near me hire CNAs and don't have PCTs. Some require you to be a CNA and some require you to be an EMT.