Any Bon Secours employees?

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I haven't finished nursing school yet, but I'm just looking ahead. What do Bon Secours employees think about working as an RN there? Pros and cons? Scheduling and overtime details? What's the market like for a new grad with an ADN?

Thanks in advance!

Which place are you talking about? Memorial Regional or St. Marys? I'm not a nurse but know nurses that work there. They seem pretty awesome to me. The emergency department at Memorial is something you need to steer clear of because they do NOT have a good reputation. I used to volunteer at Memorial and I rarely see ADN's. I went to every floor like the neonatal, emergency, critical care, surgical etc and 98% of the time I see BSN's. I knew some ADN's that had to go back and get there BSN in order to keep their job. That's not to say that Memorial isnt hiring ADN's but you'd have better luck at getting into one of the pediatric or emergency clinics. Honestly, I don't think the job market is terrible though. I'm just telling you what I've been told and have seen in the hospital over the years. I've seen less and less ADN's

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I work at Memorial and I have to say she is right in not working at the ER. But I have a coworker who just graduated at J sargeant as an ADN RN and got a job at St. Marys ICU. Of course she is getting her BSN online. I was told when I got hired that they r in need of nurses. She was I. The system in th lab so she just transferred.

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