Any Army RNs who are also NREMT-Ps?


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Kind of an off-the-wall question, but I was just wondering ... are there any Army RNs around who are also paramedics (NREMT-P)? I'm just wondering if the Army would provide any opportunities to recert my NREMT-P, or if I should pretty much kiss my paramedic cert buh-bye once I join. I'm figuring it's the latter, because I'll be in as an RN, not a medic. If I have to let it go I will, but I'd like to keep it up because I worked very hard for it!

Thanks, as always, for any info. :)

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You likely won't get any DIRECT opportunity from the Army, though you should be able to look into any local EMS system and pick up enough hours to recert. Even if they're not at the Paramedic level, you should be able to find something. There may even be a way to run some calls on post, depending on how they're set up.

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That's pretty much what I figured ... thanks for your response! By the time my recruiter estimates I'll be going to OBLC (if all goes well) in March 2011 or thereabouts, I'll have just recerted for another two years, so at least that'll give me some time to get it figured out. :)


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I received my EMT cert while in the Army and lost it because I could not get any experience. I asked, but they said I could not do anything because it wasn't my Army job. It was an Army instructor teaching the course at an Army education center that allowed me to train in the first place. Seemed like a waste to me.