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Good day to all US-RNs & aspiring US-RNs like myself. I am scheduled to.take the NCLEX on the 14th of May 2014 & I have mixed emotions right now. becoming more & more tense each day realizing that I only have 3 weeks left to prepare. I've read a third of Saunders 4th ed. & a third of Saunders Q&A 5th ed. I think I won't be able to finish reading everything on time! I am doing a self review & I can't fail this opportunity to take due to financial constraints as well as my Priority date dor EB3 is already current. I really need your help to give me ideas what I should focus on now with this very limited time to prepare...any tips strategies please. I'd really appreciate it woth all my heart. God bless us all!

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I honestly didn't read that much, being that most of the NCLEX books are pretty thick. I reviewed one section of hurst per day and answered several hundred topic specific test questions immediately afterwards. I answered questions from Saunders, NCLEX 4000, Lacharity PDA, Davis NCLEX review, and the 97 page study guide on youtube.


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I did my nclex pn for the second time on Tues 22nd April and failed. Make sure you remember blood values and adverse reactions to frequently use meds in the hospital. Also side effects of all the common diseases. The tricky one was the signs and symptoms and infection control, including types of issolation methods used for the various diseases

I also didn't read any books. (maybe if i did i might have passed with a fewer questions, instead i ended up with 265 questions but passed) i understand that most of us money can hold us back from purchasing Kaplan or Hurst review courses. but im here to let you know that you dont have to spend X amount of money for classes in order to pass NCLEX..NCLEX alone is expensive and purchasing reviews that are sometimes twice the amount for the exam is crazy!..their are people out there who pays for all of these expensive reviews and unfortunately not pass, but their are some who self study and still pass.. i have a classmate who self studied and passed at 260 questions. i paid for kaplan and passed at 265. my bf took his nclex last year and passed at 75 using nothing but sounders cd ($30.00 on amazon) he didnt read anything. Instead he did 100 questions a day for a whole month.

My advice is make sure when you are doing questions, go back after and read the rationales whether you got them right or wrong. Good luck to you my dear


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Hi envogue.i totally understand your situation..i was interviewed last april for my eb3 visa application.i was not granted the visa because i havent taken the nclex yet.they gave me 1 year to comply with the requirement.i was devastated at first,me and my husband because we have been waiting for so.long for this opportunity. But I still thank the Lord because He gave me this blessing.right now i am enrolled in kaplan on demand. I have sacrificed my job here in Singapore just to focus my self for this exam. I really want to pass. Continue to study and do your best and most importantly to pray. Godbless..

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