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Anxiety Disorder?


first I would like to apologize this isn't in the right forum. I took a good while considering if this should go into the stress management area, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to describe my distinction between being anxious because of a job versus being anxious because you have a anxiety disorder, so if it is felt this is still the wrong forum then I sincerely apologize.

Now, for as long as I can remember I have had an anxiety disorder, and when I was a kid I was given a prescription for it, however I ended up choosing to find a way to mentally cope with it instead of using drugs. I have not had a panic or anxiety attack in a VERY long time tho I still get anxious I am able to keep it under wraps...a lot of my fear has to do with failure and a fear of dying from a heart attack which comes to the forefront when my adrenaline gets pumping.

I have always been interested in being a medic, but I have always stopped short of following through because I am not sure if my anxiety could end up rendering me useless in those situations they often face. I'm looking to go to Nursing school and my mother who has been a LNA for 20 years seems to think I would do good in a area that would keep my adrenaline up like ER stuff.....and she is very aware of my anxiety issue. I'm just wondering if anyone has dealt with my kind of situation? I would really love to be in the front lines.


(Sorry if I rambled or if my spelling stank, I typed this all out on my phone.)

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I think you need the advice of a professional. Start with your primary care provider. You may need to see someone in mental health. A LOT of nurses are on SSRI's and other drugs affecting mood, but why waste time and money hoping you are getting what you need??

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There is a medication (not a benzo a BP drug) that many people take for performance anxiety that can make a huge difference and eventually you may not need it. it blocks the adrenaline surge.

Thanks for the info guys! While I feel my issues are under control (minus a few reservations) I was more curious if there is anyone with a history of panic attacks that does the more intense nursing? Tho I definitely appreciate the advice and will keep it under consideration.

I know several nurses that have anxiety issues-- some of it is inborn and some is the nature of the work and dealing with what they see. I agree that a mental health specialist is a good idea, especially if you go into it knowing you have this underlying issue. You might be surprised that with therapy as you go that is focused on the nature of this work, you may be just fine. Good luck!