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Anxiety/Depression Med PLEASE HELP!


Hi everyone -

Please help me - I would really appreciate any info.

Since my divorce and meeting my new BF I have had alot of anxiety. The anxiety started when I got my first panic attack with my new BF 3 years ago when we were in a diner together. Since then I have problems going places with him - I always get scared I am going to get anxiety and I font go (My BF is a wonderful, caring understanding man who supports me and always tries to help me.)

These fears of going places with him have gotten worst over the years. I have a fear of going most places, especially if it is far...and if i do go I havr to drive just to feel in control. Other wise i feel "trapped" and I get bad anxiety/panic.

Because of the anxiety I too get depressed. I have become a girl who is EXTREMELY nervous about anything new around new, I get scared to go places (Sometimes, not all the time) - I get bad anxiety if a social even comes up, so bad I wont even go, and I get depressed sometimes.

I have been fighting this for 3 years on my own because I am scared to take medicine. I am scared that I will become dependent on it. I feel like I have gone crazy because of all this anxiety and cant enjoy anything anymore because everything makes me nervous.

So I finally went to a therapist who referred me to a psychiatrist who gave me lexapro. It was so hard for me to take it because I was scared of the side effects...I took it before I went to sleep and woke up 4 hours later with RACING 1000MPH thought, My body was burning hot and sweating and my heart was racing. The doctor told me I should have taken a xanax for th anxiety but I didnt. He told me to try it again and take it with a xanax but I said that I would never ever take that pill again.

He just put me on Zoloft 25mg. I didnt take it yet. I am so scared. I want to feel better but am scared that I will decome dependant on it and will never be abkle to come off. I am also scared of the side effects.

Dows anyone know about these type of pills? ANy advice? Please help -- I am so nervous!

I forgot to say -- the anxiety has gotten so bad it is not just that i cant go places with him -- but with anyone, or go anywhere far. I would love going to Atlantic cty, or pennsylvania but I cant anymore. I get scared and nervous.

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We cannot give medical advice as per TOS. You need to continue to see your psychiatrist and you primary MD and work with them until this is resolved and that includes LISTNEING to them.

I am not asking for medical advice -- I just want to know if anyone else has problems with anxiety/depression - if they are taking it, and if they have any side effects.


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You already took the first step and that was recognizing that you do need help.

Work with your doctor in finding the right med that doesn't give you bad side effects. When I went through severe anx/dep I was also scared of being dependent on a med, scared that I was going crazy, and had bad SE from the first med I was prescribed and was scared to even touch anything else.

Just get over the fear of taking the med, bc it's there to help. No matter who you talk to everyone's body is wired differently so SSRI's are going to give some SE while giving others have no SE. That is the nature of anti-depressants, BAD SE. Once you find one that doesn't give you bad SE you will be on your way back to your "normal", or recovery.

After going through my anx/dep I have a completely different view on mental health and the complexity of it. If you have any other questions you can contact me.

P.S. Your not crazy.

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As above poster pointed out, we can't provide medical advice:

"Dows anyone know about these type of pills? ANy advice? Please help -- I am so nervous!"

We are not able to provide you with what you need. Please go back to your prescriber and ask them. Without knowing many personal details which we don't need to know, we could possibly harm you with our well-meaning advice.

Please take care.

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