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I am 6 weeks in. I am with a preceptor on days 7a-7p. I get very anxious when I do not know how to complete certain tasks such as wound changes, what bandages to use, heparin drips, blood infusions.. my biggest concern is that I'll get so behind and all my medications will be like 2 hours over due and then I'll get fired or something. I just feel overwhelmed with all the medication that has to be given and then when patients ask for extra stuff it just piles on top of everything. I swear if I knew how to do everything that was expected of me I would feel so much better because I would be able to manage my time a lot better and not feel like I'm getting behind. Very overwhelming job holy ****. somebody should make it mandatory to tell new nurses this. I need support, I start by myself on nights in 6 days and am scared, like I might just walk off the floor and quit scared cause I want to give up. I can't believe that I'm having all these feelings. UGhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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First of all, congratulations! I think you are lucky! And I dont think you will get fired for being an hr late with your med pass--- that happened all the time in the hosp units I did clinicals in! Practice makes perfect!


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After only 6 weeks, I would say this anxiety is very normal. Also, good news is that you'll find night shift a lot less hectic. From what I've seen, new grads who struggled with day shift did a lot better once they switched to nights.

If unfamiliar procedures are making you anxious, focus your energy into reviewing those rather than fretting about them. Look up your policy and procedures on things like heparin drips and blood administration. Don't be afraid to open up supplies and practice -- things like central line dressing kit or a new wound dressing material. When they're familiar in your hands, you won't be fumbling in front of your patients, and you build confidence.

When you start getting behind on med pass, don't panic -- that's when errors happen. You're not going to get fired from giving meds late (unless it's a critical STAT med). So keep calm and do all your checks. When patients make requests when you're already busy, prioritize what needs to be done first and try to cluster your tasks, so that you're not running back and forth to the same patient's room.

Most importantly, know that you'll only get better and better with time!:up:

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QUOTE "Very overwhelming job holy ****. somebody should make it mandatory to tell new nurses this. "

Actually, this information is constantly being provided here on AN -- to anyone who is even thinking about becoming a nurse. Maybe participation in AN should be mandatory for everyone. Veteran AN'ers also consistently advise new nurses that they will become more confident with experience. Eventually, you'll be able to manage everything just fine.

Just remember, we're here for you.

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