what if you answer no to criminal history?????

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I took my nclexpn last month may1st in california,,,,,,i called today to see about the status of my results and i was told that my file was sent to the enforcement department, that i needed to wait and that they would send my results along with what steps to take........ i'm just worried about not having disclosed traffic tickets and i did have a bounced check that made it to court back in 1998 but every thing was squashed i never did any jail time or anything ,,,,,,so any advice???? as of right now i hold a cna certificate from another state so i figured that every thing was ok since i passed my background check before entering nursing school and all...do you think i'll be denied licensure because i did not disclose this information? or do you think i will be given the opportunity to explain myself????? cause when i became a cna i did have to show proof of all my past history but back then it wasnt old stuff since i've been a cna for 10yrs. any comments especially from someone in same situation will be greatly appreciated

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questions we seem to be encountering more and more often have to do with the effects of a criminal history on nursing licensure:

  • is it possible to become licensed as a nurse if you have a criminal history and if so, can i get a job?
  • is it possible to become licensed as a nurse if you have a mip, dui, or other related charges?
  • what happens if you are charged or convicted of a crime after licensure?
  • can i go to nursing school and/or be licensed/be employed if my record has been sealed or expunged?
  • will i be able to go to nursing school and/or attend clinicals with a criminal record?
  • what can happen if i receive a mip/dui/dwi or other charge while still in school?

these are questions that the members of allnurses.com cannot answer. the only reliable source of information is your state board of nursing.

if you are currently licensed as a nurse and have been charged with or convicted of a felony or misdemeanor including dui/dwi or any criminal offense, you need to contact the bon in every state you hold a license/wish to be licensed and ask their reporting requirements.

if you are a nursing student or are interested in becoming a nurse you need to contact your bon and/or your school of nursing directly. you need to be completely candid with them as to the nature and disposition of the crimes. each board of nursing makes a determination on a case by case basis and some are willing to issue a declarative statement in advance.

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there is no such thing as "appearing in court-everything squashed "when dealing with state licensure... any criminal conviction is viewable to state licensing agencies including juvenile convictions.

please read our faq: nursing licensure with a criminal history

any conviction or dui needs to be reported. failure to disclose information = falsification of application and grounds for denial of license even if permission for ati to take nclex granted.

board of nursing will review in entirity all info submitted to them. some have granted licnese, others given probationary staus, while some boards deny license outright for lying on application.

read your boards of nursing newsletter and disciplinary actions if available online--- should give you idea on how your state handles applicants.

best wishes in moving forward with a new chapter in your life.

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