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Another Phlebotomy Question


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My ASN program does not do any phlebotomy training, AT ALL. They've told us that it's OJT. I'm concerned about going out in the real world and being untrained in this area. We can't draw from central lines, IV's, or just regular venipuncture.

Is this common?


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:icon_hug:Yes it is and if you are in a group of nurses all sarting orientation together you can do what I did when I first started....draw blood and Starting IV's on each other...as far as central lines during orientation you are told about the facilities policy and procedure manuals.....and where they are located-some are all computerized now. Another good resource for nurses is Lippincott nursing manual..most facilities have these as well. Just ask questions and you'll do fine


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Yes, its common. We got a two hour lab on IV's, that was it. Whether we could draw blood from them was hospital policy. During regular clinicals, I started and IV once. But then I was insanely lucky and got my senior internship in andER, and have gotten some great experience. I was really nervous at first, but my instructor told me "starting IVs doesn't make you a nurse." Its true. You'll learn eventually, but keep focused on everything else in the mean time.

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Yes. I had to learn IV therapy on the job. We were given training on the job. We weren't just thrown out to the wolves. In my state it was a licensure thing. No venipunctures or blood drawing from central lines without an RN after your name.

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