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Another of our adult psych units is presumably closing permanently today (meeting called for staff later this day.) This despite memo last week from mgt assuring everyone rampant rumors of same were utterly unfounded. :rolleyes: .

Large amt of $ recently spent on state-of-the-art L&D unit - something about people with schiz and addictions being a little less heart-warming, I guess - apparently they don't need care.

Forgive me for being bitter. I don't even work this particular unit. This change may or may not affect my now very part-time job in psych services and I certainly won't starve for lack of it. I initially went into psych strictly because it was the only unit offering day shift at that time. I stayed PRN after going elsewhere FT because I really like the work, and despite all the problems with mgt, co-workers and borderlines, I really do feel I do a good job and have an impact there.

I also feel for the older nurses who have worked psych for years, are no longer as sharp on their non-psych clinical skills, and simply could not manage the physicality of a medsurg floor even if they were. Several will likely be out of work today. I hope the hospital at least offers them some sort of severance, but I doubt it.


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Sorry to hear about the psych unit being closed down. :o I worked at a place that closed down after management promised us it would never happen. :angryfire

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