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I just wanted to post on one of the amazing parts of our job. Admitted a pt last week who was told he had 'months' left. Upon meeting him it was obvious that he had days left, not months. He reported he was ready to die and just wanted to be free from pain. We began continuous ativan and morphine and he was comfortable, but still semi-alert and mobile. He sat on the porch with his wife and enjoyed the first snow. He visited with friends and family. This week he became less alert, but still woke up enough to cry when his wife talked to him about saying goodbye, and to hug her every now and then. On Tuesday she told me she hoped he would die on Veteran's day. Today, my patient, a veteran, someone who loved Veteran's day more than any other holiday, passed away. Every year, Americans will fly their flags in memory of him. Isn't that just so neat? Gosh I love my job.

It's the little things like that which remind me why I love hospice nursing so much. Thank you for sharing that beautiful story,

Ooooh, ErinS, so precious! Your story is what I hope to see, often, as I embark on my new calling. Thank you for sharing!

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What a testimony!

i love these types of deaths.

one of my most memorable ones, was a very cranky old man, whose family did everything in their power to placate him.

he would complain about everything, with every other word being a cuss word.

when he was deteriorating, his wife would play lovely, soothing music.

this guy would seem to just 'wake up' out of a decreased loc, and start cussing again.

so i turned on the ballgame (on the radio).

his favorite team had scored a 3-run home run.

his whole body arched as he waved his arms and had a HUGE smile on his face.

he fell backwards...with that HUGE smile still on his face...

and that is the way he died.

as it should be.


(yes, i'm smiling):redpinkhe

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Y'all are reminding me why I love being a nurse, we get to play witness to some of life's most poignant moments. Thanks for sharing!

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