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KibbsRN.... I hope you do talk to you school counselor. You are very brave and it takes a lot of courage to get help. I was an anorexic in high school and was afraid to get help and now I wish I had. I did not get help until I was 30 yrs old. I still have a problem with eating although now it is the opposite problem - I over eat. I need to get some counseling for it to. We all have some problem that needs attention. :-) No one is ever perfect. Your counselor at school will be very supportive and want to help you. You will NOT get kicked out of school, that is for sure. Please let us know how you are doing. Support is so imortant and you have it here. :-)
Thank you for that. It is nice to know people taht do not knwo you care. It is funny how things work like taht. People who od not knwo you seem to sho more concern and care than those who have commited thier lives to loving you (that includes parents). Thanks!!:)
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