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can anyone help? it seems like nobody's interested in this staff development board....but i'll try anyway! i have a CNA who needs some anger management education--anybody know of a good (board has to approve it) module? your help is appreciated!:devil:


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You can try the American Red Cross which offers a Workplace violence class. Other options are to do research and compile an in-service with the information you find. I had an in-service last August from information I compiled if you would be interested in seeing it let me know. My email address is [email protected].


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Information/inservices/courses on assertiveness are be very benificial in anger management. We become frustrated then angry when situations get out of our control and assertiveness teaches us how to maintain our cool in difficult situations.

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Heck, anger management would probably be useful on this board right now.

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I noticed the tension. What's up? Is it the long cold winter? Cabin Fever?

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Lots of communities hold parenting groups at churches and social centers. It's my experience that anger managment is always addressed in these groups.

I might add that what one may see as a need for anger management another might see as a need for involuntary psychiatric admission

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Woops, sorry Kimmey, I was looking at your thread, cause I am interested in giving an inservice on anger management too...I think I will look for some continuing education courses on anger management. have you checked

you can see the titles of all their courses and read all the course material online...they have some really good courses.

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